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  Technology of brightness  

As for fluorescent light type LED of our handling, efficiency becomes good, and the heat sink is small.
the effect -- luminous efficiency and an irradiation angle -- a contribution bookmark -- the irradiation portion is also large brightly.
Since luminous efficiency is good, the heat sink is light small.


  Cost Down technology

As compared with a fluorescent light, it is the power consumption of an abbreviation half.
If the fluorescent light of 40W class is compared ..
(40W+5W (stabilizer) and LED fluorescence type 23W comparison)
As reduction per one, 2,400 yen can carry out a cost save in one year.

When ten are being used, they are 10 times of this. It becomes a 24,000 yen save.
In the case of a fluorescent light ..
It is a deed about a three years ? once-in four years maintenance.

Since exchange of a fluorescent light and exchange of a stabilizer are also performed
A difference of cost becomes large more in fact.


  Environmental problem technology

LED lighting contributes environmentally and greatly.

The greatest feature ..
It is -RoHS correspondence (Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr6, PBB, PBDE), and is ..
I am using the recyclable polycarbonate pipe.

Furthermore, LED while CO2 reduction is cried for socially now contributes greatly, and is a company improvement in image.
It contributes.

The degree of energy saving

It compares with the conventional fluorescent light and power consumption is an about 50% decrease.. Since there is no generation of heat like a fluorescent light, it also becomes reduction of air conditioning expenses.

The cut in a maintenance cost

The life of LED is a 5 times as many longer operating life as a fluorescent light for 40,000--50,000 hours. It becomes reduction of holding cost or clearing work.

In addition to this

Since a heat ray is not included in illuminating radiation, the air-conditioning adjustment by generation of heat, etc. are unnecessary.
Degradation by the irradiation to perishable foods etc. can be prevented.
Since there are few amounts of ultraviolet rays, an insect reduces with slippage sharply.


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